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CAFWA was founded in 2014 by an alliance of organizations committed to improving the health of California's forests.


Many of California's forests, like forests across the western United States, are unhealthy and at significant risk of high-severity wildfire, insect and disease epidemics, and other threats.  This is a serious problem for wildlife and nature, as well as for people who depend on the natural resources and benefits we get from our forests.  Megafires threaten lives, property, and California's water supply, all while releasing enormous amounts of carbon into the air we breathe.  Our diverse coalition has come together to advocate for increasing the pace and scale of ecologically sound forest restoration practices that can reduce these risks and promote healthier, more resilient forests across California. 












CAFWA's founding members include: 


Association of California Water Agencies 

California Farm Bureau Federation 

California Forestry Association 

Rural County Representatives of California 

The Nature Conservancy


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CAFWA Issues State-Level Policy Recommendations 



CAFWA Issues Biomass Recommendations 



Commentary: Ready or Not, Wildfires Are Coming  



CAFWA Op-Ed: Wildfire Policy Recommendations Following Governor-Elect's Swift Action  



CAFWA’s recommendations emphasize the importance of healthy forests by highlighting the multiple values that they provide.  These recommendations include: 


  • Increasing funding and creating new funding sources for forest management from federal, state, local, and private sources;


  • Crafting policy and legislative reforms that will promote improvements to and expansion of ecologically sound forest restoration activities; and,


  • Advancing monitoring and research to improve the state of scientific knowledge to better direct future land management decisions.

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